Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Are Now a Two Crock Pot Family

And I am still trying to figure out why this status has made me so happy. I love slow cooking but am nowhere near mastering this art. Of all of my gadgets my slow cooker (I use the Rival Crock Pot brand) is probably one of the few that required a low "initial investment" but it brings me a great deal of happiness. There is something super satisfying about preparing dinner hours early and knowing it will be ready at the time to eat and it will probably be good. I mean who wouldn't feel good about dinner cooking and the kitchen cleaned all by 10 am?

I have a really old "crock pot" recipe book. I have looked through it several times and it truly just turns my stomach. Some of the recipes are really gross and I have not found the grocery store checkout magazines to be much better. So I have turned to the Internet and found a blog I just love, called A Year of Slow Cooking I am amazed at what the author Stephanie can do with a slow cooker. She spent a year using her slow cooker every day and as also written a cookbook and according to the article in my local newspaper yesterday, she is working on another.

So if you don't have a slow cooker I recommend running right out and getting one. find a good cookbook and have your dinner cooking at 10 am too.

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